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:icondistractedplz: I love drawing..... I will use bases every once and a while, and maybe some requests fer peoples. I also love writting fan-fiction :icondistractedplz:

Looking for an easier way to find "The Unexspected Guests On Earth Part 1 and 2"?
Here's a link to it's folder right here:…

What about my sequal to those books? You know "The Great Adventures" and "The Great Adventures: Unknown Secrits"?
Here's a link to the folder where I keep them:…


Dis be my favourites :icondeathstareplz: deal with it

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Not sure if anyone has done this one yet but here I go, this is gonna be a long post. 

So, I’ve been thinking about Destiny a lot lately (Obviously because I’ve played it a lot for the past week to catch up with everything before the new update) and I ended up thinking really hard about the classes of each Guardian.

Like a lot of MMORPGs it’s got the three main things; A Mage, A Warrior, and A Rogue. 

However, because of the futuristic thing that Destiny is, I’m not going to use those three, instead let’s go with a more modern approach. More specifically, something more like Team Fortress 2; Offence, Defense, and Support. 

Now, before I get hate for comparing Destiny to TF2 (or vise-versa) and before people start throwing insults at me, let me make this clear. As I love both games and have done a decent amount of time on both I am able to see what’s so similarly used in both games, A.K.A the class system. I don’t care if you think one sucks or stupid, just be open-minded here for a minute for me okay? TF2 isn’t even going to be mentioned anymore. 

Okay, so here’s the basics of what each of these three classes are

Everything below this point is stuff based on my own experience so these aren’t exactly accurate. 

Offence: The Cowboy that runs in and dies a lot but is still really good at getting stuff done.

Defense: The tank that defends the flag, point, person on team, against the enemy.

Support: The speeder, long ranger, sneak, or healer.

Now here’s were I get into the actual Destiny part. All the Guardian classes have at least one thing they are made for. So according to each basic above, this is what each class is.

Warlock: This is the offence. The warlock is made to go in and get stuff done. This is the cowboy, this is the class you want if you want to run in and just kill stuff or risk to get that legendary engram on the ground right next to that angry Ogre.

Titan: This is the Defense. The titan is meant to be the tank and to defend the team or point. This is want you want if you are use to laying back but hate being killed easily by the enemy.

Hunter: This is the Support. The hunter is meant for speed, long range, sneaking, and maybe healing if given the right armor.  This is what you want if you want to pick things off but from a safe distance, or to just sneak past without a scratch at all.

Now, this is what the classes are MADE for. However, there isn’t anything telling you that you can’t be a cowboy as a titan, or a support as a warlock, or a defense as a hunter. Because if given the right armor, you can do any of these things as either of these classes. Also, because of the subclasses of each class, it’s possible to 

To be honest, I’m a complete cowboy when I play as my hunter (my favorite class) unless other wise told to stay back and hide on really hard levels. Because I’m just terrible at sniping, I don’t even use sniper rifles (Except maybe the Ice Breaker…… I like my Ice Breaker).

I’ve talked to some people, Destiny players, that claim that it’s the Titan that is made for the offensive class. But because of the bulk, strength, and durability that the titan has (and my experience playing games with class systems like Destiny) It’s lead me the the fact that the Titan is a defender. (Also, let’s face it, the titan is the ONLY class that has a Subclass of Defender, non of the other classes have a subclass with defend in it, but that just may be how I feel about it.)

Anyway, so here’s what I want to say about how I came up with this at all.

The durability of each class.The Warlock is pretty good at taking a hit. I’ve already mentioned the titan on it but I’m going to be a bit more specific with it this time, the Titan can take a lot before actually dying. The Hunter can’t take a hit unless you got really good armor and dedicate it the the strength aspect (which I don’t do. I like having my Super available when I need it).

Over all, like I said before (or typed….. I mean….. you can’t really hear me speaking but…… yeah.) if you get the right stuff the class doesn’t exactly matter. Sure, if you try defending with a hunter you’re probably going to fail….. a lot, but hey that’s the fun of it. 

Just don’t do the stupid thing and be on of team of only titans/warlocks/hunters because holy crap you’re not going to get far. Seriously just have two of only one class in a three man fireteam is difficult enough.


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