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:icondistractedplz: I love drawing..... I will use bases every once and a while, and maybe some requests fer peoples. I also love writting fan-fiction :icondistractedplz:

Looking for an easier way to find "The Unexspected Guests On Earth Part 1 and 2"?
Here's a link to it's folder right here:…

What about my sequal to those books? You know "The Great Adventures" and "The Great Adventures: Unknown Secrits"?
Here's a link to the folder where I keep them:…


Dis be my favourites :icondeathstareplz: deal with it

Stuff With me and my OC's by other bbs

Me: Anti-Zorarka. by BBSMJ:thumb357946256:Zorarka by XxEvias-Toxic-LovexX:thumb353027248:Hi by Retro-HeadRandom Zorarka doodle .3. by ShunikiHAPPY B-DAY ZORARKA!!! by Shunikihappy birthday stamp by Konan720Happy early b-day Zoraka!! by Shunikirequest:zorarka zombie pony by mirror-dororo-doraraZoraka by Summermist13

Threader: LS: 3 by HokoushaGIF For Zorarka! This Doll Belongs To Me! by vc667

Charoilet: Charoilet and Palvo by ill825Happy Birthday, Zorarka! by BBSMJ:Sweet Dreams, Young Chap.: by BBSMJ:The Ones I Need.: by BBSMJAfterlife Tournament: vs Charoilet by EpicPrincessofDoom:Round #1: Charoilet VS Palvo: by BBSMJCharoilet (Take 2) by EverFrozenMoreCharoilet (Take 1) by EverFrozenMore

Cling: :thumb362341226:Huggles by Retro-HeadZorarka fanart: Cling by Shuniki

Twilight: Twilight.exe by Shuniki

Marllock: CRQ: Love by Retro-HeadHappy early Valentines' Day~ by TheCorruptedMindWat r u Doin'? by TheCorruptedMind

Lilly: :thumb357940522:

Ewe: :thumb346318115:

Kitten: Journal Doll for TheCorruptedMind (again) by DestinyTehPenguinRQ: Hello :3 by Retro-Head

Astrid: RQ: Spoiler and Astrid by Shuniki:thumb318819554:

Remix: Kitty! ....And Slenderman by Summermist13


Not as long as the first one but meh.

Commander: Do you hate Charoliet so much that you want to kill her?

Greg: Not really..... But when ever I do look at her there's more... jealousy than hate..... I don't know why...

Commander: ........ You jelly that she gets Captain~?

Greg: 8I..... Pfft! Damnit Oma! That's the sixth time now! XD


Ethan: *Looks at Charoliet with a grin* Really?! That's the best threat you can come up with?! You do realize I can only be injured if my boss is injured or killed, right?! The best thing about that is you can never find him-  *takes a deep breath*

Ethan: *coughs and pants* I don't think I collected enough air for that one. Holy shit. I also feel light headed. Can I rest before we try this one again?


Commander: If you want to stay, then stay. No one will stop you

Kouki: But Commander-

Commander: Kouki, I know you're worried. But these are strong people you have stood by. You can learn so much from them if
you just stopped and observed....... Seriously what is the problem? You can have house parties now and actually have friends that can come to it.

Kouki: Oh gosh, Oma I swear.

Commander: Don't swear the children are watching.

Charoilet: Wot children?

Commander: Exactly.

Captain: You mean zhe ones over zhere?

Kouki: Damnit.

Commander: What did I just say?

Kouki: Oh shut up and let's just redo the scene.


*A young woman crashes through the window and into the wall.*

Star: I CAME IN LIKE A WREAKING BALL! *stumbles and falls on her face* ooowwwwww

Captain: *laughing and holding his sides* Holy shit, Star! XD

??? (Still don't know who this guy is or was 8I) : You okay? Do I not have to try to kill you since you just did a Miley Cirus and fell
on your face?

Star: I think I broke my nose.....

Greg: Woman, what did you think was going to happen when you did that?

Star: A wreaking ball......

Captain: *can't stop laughing* I'm dying over here! XD


Star: O-Okay, good *sits near Greg* long have you had amnesia?

Greg: Three months.

Star:...... Pfffft! Damnit that is too straight forward for me, Greg! Try to be a little more hesitent in your answer so that I don't feel like laughing every time I hear it! XD

Greg: I really do not see what your problem is, how is what I said straight forward?

Star: Just shut up.

Greg: No you have to tell me what the problem is.

Star: I just told you!

Greg: I know. I just like annoying you, it's hallarious.

Yes in my AU the Commander is actually a complete goof-ball (Like the Captain) that will mess up a shot every chance she is given. XD


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Challenge Accepted.
United States

To Do List


Skinny Johnny For EpicPrincessofDoom (Not even started)

Ones I want to Do

Some Cry Fanart

Markiplier Fanart.

Jacksepticeye Fanart

Okami Fanart.

Zorarka stuff

Charoilet Stuff

My TF2 project

My Captain original concepts art

(( Others that I forgot but will remember later ))



Zorarka's five puppies (yes five)


Some fan OCs

An original OC


(( Currently closed ))


Two RPs I'm doing with EpicPrincessofDoom

Coming to DeviantArt

(( Others that I may have forgotten ))

By Bro: :iconlucarbro:

My Buddys: :iconthecorruptedmind:, :iconlilpsychohtf:, :iconbluefreakingsky:, :iconsummermist13:, :iconmirror-dororo-dorara:, :iconeverfrozenmore:, :iconshuniki:, :iconbbsmj:, :iconshadowheart123:, :iconnightmaresdreaming:, :iconkatnisskorramako:, and :iconyo-how-about-no: (and more to come)

8I Dis meh Serious face

My Ship List:

KarlxRachel :iconishipitplz:

ClimberxClarice :iconishipitplz:

ZairxKitten :iconishipitplz:

CharoiletxPsycho :iconishipitplz:

ZeoxMarllock :iconishipitplz:

AmericaxEngland :iconishipitplz:

BenjixMon :iconishipitplz:

DavexKarkat :iconishipitplz:

GermanyxItaly :iconishipitplz:

(I vill add more later 8I)

Acrostic Name Poem by Wishafriend

I torment my OCs by making them embarressed, and all other things........ I regret nothing XD

"I'll say one last thing. Though the magnetud of the insewing distru- FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-!"~ Doc.Scratch (Outtake)

"It's like a big ball.... of wibbaly, wobbaly... timey, wimey....... stuff."~ 10th Doctor

"It was designed by me, built by me, and you best hope......... not pointed at you."~ The Enginear (TF2)

"Mmph mph mph."~ The Pyro (TF2)

"Ahhh Ma petite chou-fleur."~ The Spy (TF2)


Japan: It occurs to me, I wonder how Mr.Austria has been doing right now
Italy: Ask him he's been over there this whole time :D
*Austria playing the grand piano*
*Beach says SOS*
Germany: HOW DID I NOT SEE HIM!?!?!?!?!?

Songs Over Genres by siriuslylostwerewolfStamp: I'm not weird by Roxy317Day Dreamer Stamp by Sora05I REFUSE Stamp by RoxyOblivionOpinion stamp by xAshleyMxGroucho Marx Quotes 1 by Claire-stampsMy Memory Sucks by renatalmar.:I forget shit.: by Da-DingoFavorite Stamp by RavechuHopeless Dreamer by SsGirloLove to read by Claire-stampsMind Stamp by jenepoohrandomly weird stamp by sixthkidfromthestarz

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