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:icondistractedplz: I love drawing..... I will use bases every once and a while, and maybe some requests fer peoples. I also love writting fan-fiction :icondistractedplz:

Looking for an easier way to find "The Unexspected Guests On Earth Part 1 and 2"?
Here's a link to it's folder right here:…

What about my sequal to those books? You know "The Great Adventures" and "The Great Adventures: Unknown Secrits"?
Here's a link to the folder where I keep them:…


Dis be my favourites :icondeathstareplz: deal with it

Stuff With me and my OC's by other bbs

Me: Anti-Zorarka. by BBSMJ:thumb357946256:Zorarka by XxEvias-Toxic-LovexX:thumb353027248:Hi by Retro-HeadRandom Zorarka doodle .3. by ShunikiHAPPY B-DAY ZORARKA!!! by Shunikihappy birthday stamp by Konan720Happy early b-day Zoraka!! by Shunikirequest:zorarka zombie pony by mirror-dororo-doraraZoraka by Summermist13

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Remix: Kitty! ....And Slenderman by Summermist13


Hey, realized that I was tagged by my friendo EpicPrincessofDoom here, so Imma do this.


1. Your OC can't touch the interviewer for whatever reason you choose.
2. You may use multiple OCs but it was created with the idea of one OC.
3. This was created for those who have killed. If they haven't killed, get out.
4. Made to test the reactions of OCs, sorry for being so damn impolite! I really am D:
7. You don't need to tag, that question may be used for extra SASS from your OC towards the most charming interviewer. xP

1. Hey, what's your name?

I am Pire, Captain of Death, zhough not really, zhat's just a title given to me~ Nice to meet you~

2. How old are you?

Vell...... Depends, actual age..... lost count at one hundred fifty. How old I look? around twenty-five~

3. And your gender?

I'm male of course~

4. Fine. What are/were your parents like?

Can't really remember, ozher zhan zhe fact zhat zhey didn't care too much about me, zhey cared anly for my 'perfect' older sister. Zhough zhey don;t bozher me anymore now~

5. We all need someone to watch our back, is there anyone to take care of you?

Hmmmm..... how do I put zhis?........ Me, Myself, and I. Zhat's all I really ever needed~

6. I see...In your opinion, are you a lover or a fighter? Don't say both.

I honestly don't know~

7. And what do you think people view you as?

A blood-zhirsty killer. Zhey have zhe blood-zhirsty zhing right~

8. Talking of lovers, have you got a girl/boyfriend?

Does zhe head of a now dead female 'friend' count~?

9. If not, why not? Do you think it's your fault or do you think it's their loss?

Tch, no one loves me, plus it's not like I could feel love in zhe first place~

10. If you do, what are they like?

Again, I can't feel such emotions.

11. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Describe your life in one word.


12. Do you have a goal in life? In love?

Goal in life? Becoming zhe strongest man of zhe vorld, but zhe sea vill do for now. In Love? How many times must I tell you zhat I don't feel emotions like zhat?

13. Ever wanna have kids?

I doubt vith my age I vould be able to......... zhen again........ I am a vampire....... It may be different vith age..... Hmmm. 

14. How would you like to die?

How vould YOU like to die?

15. I'm sure we can arrange it for you soon. What's your favorite weapon?

Nozhing is to be arranged......... My hand does just fine vith killing. 

16. Where do you live?

On my ship, everyone knows zhat much. 

17. Sounds awful, how do you manage to live in such a dump?

I don't like such insults on my ship. 

18. What's...what's that smell?

Zhat vould be zhe blood of zhe guy I snaked on before zhis.

19. It's you. You stink! When was the last time you showered exactly?

Before I came here and ate zhat guy.

20. Mhm yeah it shows. ¬_¬

I'm covered vith blood, it's obvious even vithout zhe smell.

21. Do you have a theme tune, do you think? Perhaps one your creator found for you?

I can't Deside
By the Scissor Sisters

For some reason killers like Pire pop into my head when I hear this song. 

22. Do you like it?

It's catchy.

23. How do you feel about your creator (don't forget they selected this interview for you)?

I hate her vith a burning passion........ But her blood certainly smells go- *gets sprayed with water*......

*Holding water gun* You seriously freak me out.

........ And zhat's vhy I hate her........

24. Ever killed anyone?

Plenty of people~

25. Thought as much. I'm impressed. Ever killed a family member? Why?

Parents and sister. My sister's blood tasted so good~

26. A friend? Why?

HA! Never had friends in my life~!

27. A lover? Why?

I don't have a lover~

28. A cop or other law enforcer? Yuh-huh, I'm not sure I need to ask why here.

Plenty killed. All too boring. 

29. And how about yourself? I mean, have you ever considered ending your life? Other than the obvious stupidly pathetic life you lead bringing you down, what else made you consider?

Eh, not really.

30. And who/what stopped you?

If I vere to...... No one vould stop me really.

31. If you had killed yourself, would anyone have felt bad about it? Friends, acquaintances, family, lovers?

Even I have a right enough mind to know zhat no one vould miss me...... except maybe my pet crocodile. 

32. And I suppose you're glad you didn't?

In reality I've never had zhat kind of zhouts so I'm already glad~

33. Yes, well great. I'd love to say it's been a pleasure talking to you but it really wasn't.

Can't vait to taste your blood as soon as you're avay from protection.

34. You gonna tag any more people to do this so they can feel your pain?

Hm..... Nope~ No one comes to mind~ But zhey can do zhe meme of zhey vant~

35. Whatever. See ya later (though I really hope not).

Better cover your neck tonight~


Not zhat it vould matter~


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United States

To Do List


Skinny Johnny For EpicPrincessofDoom (Not even started)

Ones I want to Do

Some Cry Fanart

Markiplier Fanart.

Jacksepticeye Fanart

Okami Fanart.

Zorarka stuff

Charoilet Stuff

My TF2 project

My Captain original concepts art

(( Others that I forgot but will remember later ))



Zorarka's five puppies (yes five)


Some fan OCs

An original OC


(( Currently closed ))


Two RPs I'm doing with EpicPrincessofDoom

Coming to DeviantArt

(( Others that I may have forgotten ))

By Bro: :iconlucarbro:

My Buddys: :iconthecorruptedmind:, :iconlilpsychohtf:, :iconbluefreakingsky:, :iconsummermist13:, :iconmirror-dororo-dorara:, :iconeverfrozenmore:, :iconshuniki:, :iconbbsmj:, :iconshadowheart123:, :iconnightmaresdreaming:, :iconkatnisskorramako:, and :iconyo-how-about-no: (and more to come)

8I Dis meh Serious face

My Ship List:

KarlxRachel :iconishipitplz:

ClimberxClarice :iconishipitplz:

ZairxKitten :iconishipitplz:

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ZeoxMarllock :iconishipitplz:

AmericaxEngland :iconishipitplz:

BenjixMon :iconishipitplz:

DavexKarkat :iconishipitplz:

GermanyxItaly :iconishipitplz:

(I vill add more later 8I)

Acrostic Name Poem by Wishafriend

I torment my OCs by making them embarressed, and all other things........ I regret nothing XD

"I'll say one last thing. Though the magnetud of the insewing distru- FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-!"~ Doc.Scratch (Outtake)

"It's like a big ball.... of wibbaly, wobbaly... timey, wimey....... stuff."~ 10th Doctor

"It was designed by me, built by me, and you best hope......... not pointed at you."~ The Enginear (TF2)

"Mmph mph mph."~ The Pyro (TF2)

"Ahhh Ma petite chou-fleur."~ The Spy (TF2)


Japan: It occurs to me, I wonder how Mr.Austria has been doing right now
Italy: Ask him he's been over there this whole time :D
*Austria playing the grand piano*
*Beach says SOS*
Germany: HOW DID I NOT SEE HIM!?!?!?!?!?

Songs Over Genres by siriuslylostwerewolfStamp: I'm not weird by Roxy317Day Dreamer Stamp by Sora05I REFUSE Stamp by RoxyOblivionOpinion stamp by xAshleyMxGroucho Marx Quotes 1 by Claire-stampsMy Memory Sucks by renatalmar.:I forget shit.: by Da-DingoFavorite Stamp by RavechuHopeless Dreamer by SsGirloLove to read by Claire-stampsMind Stamp by jenepoohrandomly weird stamp by sixthkidfromthestarz

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