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:icondistractedplz: I love drawing..... I will use bases every once and a while, and maybe some requests fer peoples. I also love writting fan-fiction :icondistractedplz:

Looking for an easier way to find "The Unexspected Guests On Earth Part 1 and 2"?
Here's a link to it's folder right here:…

What about my sequal to those books? You know "The Great Adventures" and "The Great Adventures: Unknown Secrits"?
Here's a link to the folder where I keep them:…


Dis be my favourites :icondeathstareplz: deal with it

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Over dreams....... I really am. (it's 12 in the morning right now haha I should be sleeping -u-)

For a good reason.

For the last three nights I've been having dreams that are different from each other, but there is always at least ONE thing in common with them. In fact now that I think about it a week ago I had a dream with something that what in those other dreams. It doesn't matter how different the dream was to the other, that one thing is STILL there.

Also latest dreams will refer to other dreams I had, like last night's dream referred to a dream I had the other night, then to a dream I had before that one, then the dream I had a week ago, which started this. So all of these are happening in a certain order.

Anyway, what is it that this dreams have in common? It's funny actually. It's a Pizza Store.

Yep, a Pizza Store.

I'm not even joking, and this isn't tired Zorarka either. It's a Pizza Store and I don;t like the feeling I get when I'm around it in a dream.

In my first dream I was in a High School and on the way there with some super agent guy (the School was haunted or something and apparently I couldn't be possessed by the ghosts so they asked me to investigate for them), and I only got a glance at the Store, it came it went, never saw it again in my dreams until a week later. 

In my second dream I was in a Theater, getting ready to do a play with a bunch of people I recoginized, (Also was haunted, ut I end actually being affected and having hallucinations, and I think I almost killed one of my friends in it). There was that same Pizza Store right next to the Theater. I looked at it and it just gave me a bad vibe.

In my third dream..... I honestly don;t know what was going on, I guess I was in a game like setting. Going underground, finding a place that does the old King and Queen and stuff like that, then suddenly everything goes bad, then there's water flooding the place as well as lava. I was stuck in the lava and seemed to Respawn (reason why it felt like a game). But anyway, right before going down to all of this, I found myself, with my mom, inside the Pizza Store, I started freaking out in dream and no one (other than mom) seemed to care. Someone at the counter just...... glared at me after my panic attack....... yeah.... I was out of there, dragging my confused mother with me.

In my fourth, and probably not (But I'm hoping it is) the last, dream. Again this was weird. I was forced out of my house by. what I thought it was police at first, then it ended up being people taking teens from homes and taking them to a concentration camp like place, but it looked more like a crappy apartment place. I had a roommate that happened to be a guy I know, and for some reason can't remember what his name was. Anyway, he had a newspaper on the table, on the cover was the Pizza place..

May I mention that the Pizza place was always in a different location in each dream? And that this Pizza Store wasn't a chain.

Guys this is very creepy. What's even creepier is that I don't know what the actual name of the store is, I know I've seen the name, the letters are right there but I can't seem to tell what they say. 

Gonna go to sleep.

Edit: Dreams Seemed to have Continued

So, other than my little hop on's today, I wasn't able to do much and now I'm actually able to update on this dream thing.

I did, in fact, have another one of those dreams last night, The Pizza place was still there.

This dream seemed to have been a bunch of my favorite characters from my favorite movies, Anime, and games. How to Train Your Dragon, Fairy Tail, and LBP3 were the most noticeable. Saw the Pizza place again before everything turned into a battle field, with bad guys that apparently needed me for something, which makes sense, because I'm the dreamer. I was able to actually remember the Pizza Store a little more. It's like one of those cheap little food places you see in a town just alone. It was white and had some paint chipped. Still can't see it clear enough to see the name.

My friend, Miss EmperorWalrusArchive explained to me what could be happening, I'll go ahead and put that in quotes.

"It's perfectly normal to have recurring themes and such in your dreams. Sometimes, the same setting, person, or item will pop up numerous times. Sometimes, people in recent dreams may even allude to events in past dreams. (I've actually had this happen before.)

Some oneirologists speculate that dreams may sometimes contain exaggerated interpretations of the dreamer's sub-conscious thoughts.
...That means you might want a slice of pizza. xD

On a slightly more serious note, the recurring area in the dream is probably there for a more complicated reason, or alternatively, there for no specific reason at all. Your brain may simply be showing interpretations of some pizza place because the picture just so happens to be in your head. The brain often uses pre-established memories in dreams because they're easier to access. This is why people you already know or have randomly seen on the streets will often reappear in your dreams.

The pizza place references seem to be recurring in dreams where bad/terrifying/dangerous situations occur. This may indicate some bad implications involving the pizza place."

Now I know in the past I've had recurring dreams, and I knew that this was normal. It's happened to me when I was 10 and every night (or every other night) There was something about Zombies. And then there was a time, over a span of two years, when I was 5-7, that I had a dream about a grim-reaper like thing chasing my around with a bunch of sheep 8I My child hood is freaking weird. 

So yeah in short this thing she said put my mind at ease XD Doesn't explain why something bad would happen whenever I saw the Pizza Store though 8\ 


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Skinny Johnny For EpicPrincessofDoom (Not even started)

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(I vill add more later 8I)

Acrostic Name Poem by Wishafriend

I torment my OCs by making them embarressed, and all other things........ I regret nothing XD

"I'll say one last thing. Though the magnetud of the insewing distru- FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-!"~ Doc.Scratch (Outtake)

"It's like a big ball.... of wibbaly, wobbaly... timey, wimey....... stuff."~ 10th Doctor

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"Mmph mph mph."~ The Pyro (TF2)

"Ahhh Ma petite chou-fleur."~ The Spy (TF2)


Japan: It occurs to me, I wonder how Mr.Austria has been doing right now
Italy: Ask him he's been over there this whole time :D
*Austria playing the grand piano*
*Beach says SOS*
Germany: HOW DID I NOT SEE HIM!?!?!?!?!?

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